Original Media: ink and block print by Dan Girma, Ethiopia
Finished Media: Video with Old Radio Advertisment
Video, Editing, Production (c) 2023 Beate Gördes

A collaboration work by Dan Girma & Beate Gördes during the Lacuna Festival 2023.
This artwork was created by two artists who have never met. Artists signed up for a project entitled ‘Metamorphosise This’. The Lacuna curators asked to provide an incomplete artwork for another artist to collaborate on and finish. They used a spreadsheet formulae to randomly assign each artwork to another artist.

I was guided by my inspiration and spontaneously found suitable background materials in my collection to create this video based on Dan Girma’s impressive original template. I focused on the theme of consumption and societal values. In line with this, I discovered an old radio advertisement (public domain) on the internet and prominently integrated it into the film.

Beate Gördes